Getting Home Insurance in Texas With a Dog

Homeowners purchase home insurance in Texas because a bank requires insurance or they want to protect their investment. On the other hand, insurance companies are providing services to homeowners to cover risks. Together, they work out a mutual agreement that benefits both parties. Homeowners feel secure having insurance and insurance carriers stand to make a profit if you don’t submit a claim. So, what happens to this relationship when the homeowner brings a dog into the picture?

Homeowner Gets a Dog

A Homeowner’s Perspective

Now that you’ve purchased a house of your own with a big backyard, you’ll get the dog you’ve always dreamed of and the kids will be so thrilled. It doesn’t matter what breed or whether you get it from the dog pound or a neighbor, it will be a welcomed addition to the family. The unsuspecting homeowner has no clue that dogs could be a problem for insurance carriers.

The Perspective of an Insurance Company

Insurance companies are overjoyed at the thought of getting a new customer who wants to purchase home insurance in Texas. However, their primary focus is on how much risk your homeowner’s policy poses. Consequently, homeowners with dogs catch their attention because at least one-third of their liability claims result from dog bites.

Insurance companies are regulated by the state where they do business. They also have their own guidelines for conducting business when it comes to homeowner’s policies and dogs. Therefore, each insurer may vary greatly in how they handle a dog in the home.

The breed and size may be considered. Some companies may refer to a black list of dogs when considering your house for insurance. Dog breeds on the list may include Wolf-hybrids, Doberman pinschers, Siberian huskies, German shepherds, Chows, Rottweilers and Pit bulls to name a few. Larger sized breeds may also be a concern because they can inflict more damage quickly.

Carriers may have the option of insuring your house regardless of the breed or size of dog. They could turn down your application based on the breed or the size. You could be approved, but you will pay more for your coverage. It’s even possible for them to ask that your dog attend dog obedience training and improve property fencing to prevent dog bites. Learn more by visiting

Disclosing the Fact That You Have a Dog

When applying for home insurance in Texas, you’ll answer several questions about the property, which also includes whether you have dogs living with you and what breed they are. Misrepresenting any information or lying means the insurer can refuse insurance claims all together and even cancel a policy.

Precautions for Preventing Dog Bites

Regardless of the breed, size or temperament of your dog, they can surprise everyone and bite. However, there are several precautions homeowners could take to prevent dog bites.

  • See that all your dogs have current vaccinations to prevent diseases and rabies.
  • Socializing dogs helps to reduce their fears and adjust to visitors and neighbors.
  • Don’t leave dogs with small children, strangers or unsupervised.
  • Keep dogs on a leash when out of a fenced yard.
  • Neutering or spaying dogs tends to make them less aggressive.
  • Ensure your dogs have a secured fenced in area that they cannot jump or dig under.
  • Enroll you pet in obedience training, which may give owners more control over dogs to prevent dog bites.

If you want to keep a dog at your house, taking precautions, installing a fence and obedience training could be viable options for getting home insurance in Texas.