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Arakans are one of the four major bloodlines in sabong international log in, and it’s important to understand the different types if you want to become a pro.

There are three types of Arakans: the Sultan, the Dam, and the Prahu. The Sultan is the most prized of all Arakans and is known for its aggressiveness and long fighting tenure. The Dam is a strong and sturdy breed that’s great for beginners. And the Prahu is a fast and agile fighter that’s popular among experienced cockers.

Knowing the different bloodlines is essential for choosing the right cock for your game. So study up and get to know your Arakans!

Build Up Your Rooster’s Strength and Stamina

You need to ensure that your rooster is fit and healthy if you want it to have a good chance at winning a online online sabong live. To do this, you should focus on building up your rooster’s strength and stamina.

One way to do this is by training regularly with your rooster. You can do this by having mock fights and setting aside time for several days of the week for rooster practice. During these sessions, let your rooster fight against other chickens of similar sizes to help him build up his strength and agility.

In order to build up stamina, running in short bursts and taking part in activities such as obstacle courses are excellent options. You can also encourage your rooster to take part in games such as ‘follow the leader’ which will help improve coordination and speed while improving overall health too.

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